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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

There are over two-million landlines in the UAE with almost twelve million mobile phones present. The majority of users are subscribed to the Etisalat service with the remainder subscribed to du.


The Etisalat and du companies also offer the country’s only internet services and feature state-of-the-art fibre-optic lines. Over 70% of the population (over 3.6 Million people) are subscribed to these companies and the country’s 750 thousand plus hosts use the .ae top-level domain.

These companies, under guidance of the UAE Government, use Secure Computing’s solution to block pornography, political material, Israeli domains and anything against the moral values of the UAE. Alongside this, most VoIP services such as Skype have been blocked as well as some social networking sites and all dating sites.


The majority of TV and Radio stations are government owned outside of the organizations operating in Dubai’s Media Free Zone but common use of satellite dishes has allowed access to international stations. Radio broadcast stations include AM 13, FM 7 and shortwave 2 and there are over 900 thousand radios across the nation. TV-wise, there are 72 free-to-air channels with over 800 thousand TVs within the UAE.