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Languages & Phrases

Salam Sah-lam Hello/Hi
Ma a salama
Mah ah sah-lah-mah Good Bye!
Hal tatakallamo alloghah al Enjileziah / Alarabiah? Hahl tah-tah-kah-lah-moh ahl-oh-gah ahl Ehn-jill-ehz-ee-ah / Ah-lah-rah-bee-ah Do you speak English / Arabic?
Esmee… Ehz-mee My name is…
Hal beemkanek mosa’adati Hahl beam-kah-nehk moh-sah-ah-dah-tee Can you help me?
Abhatu an… Ahb-hah-too ahn I’m looking for…
Na’am / Laa Nah-ahm / Lah Yes / No
Assayed / Assayedah / Al Anesah Ah-say-ehd / Ah-say-ehd-ah / Ahl Ah-ney-sah Mr / Mrs / Miss
Alyawm / Al aan Ahl-yorm / Ahl Ahn Today / Now
Ghadan / Albareha Gah-dahn / Ahl-bah-reh-ah Tomorrow / Yesterday
Haza / Zalek / Huna / Hunak Hah-zah / Zah-lek / Hoo-nah / Hoo-nahk This / That / Here / There


Above are a few common Arabic phrases to help you get around. 


The national language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic and in a majority of the area the Gulf dialect is spoken. However, due to British influence throughout the region for the past few hundred years, English is widely spoken and is a necessity when applying for work in the United Arab Emirates.

Other frequently spoken languages include Persian spoken by the Iranian population, Malayalam spoken by Malayali Indians, Pashto spoken by Pashtun, Tagalog spoken by Filipinos and Hindu-Urdu spoken by South Asians. Additionally, small pocket populations of Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian people also exist within the UAE, as well as other Asian groups which speak their own respective languages.