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Bringing Children & Pets

Bringing children to the UAE is not impossible but may provide some complications, when entering the UAE, individuals should know that school tuition for children is rarely free but teachers may be able to get a discount ranging between a quarter and a third of the money off. It is also important to note that unmarried couples are not permitted to live together so if children are present this may cause complications.

Bringing pets is a small hassle when entering the UAE and the following documents are needed to bring them along:

  • Copy of the Pet Owner’s Passport
  • Pet must have Passport containing its description
  • Pets’ Microchip Number
  • Certificates of Pets’ Vaccinations (Especially Rabies)
  • Certificate stating Pets’ last Rabies Vaccination (Time of vaccination must be at least 21 days before entering the UAE)
  • Pet must not be less than four months old.
A Fee of AED 200 (about $55 or £33) for entry approval of the pet.