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For a more intense raving session the Madame Sata Nightclub in Sao Paulo is the place for you, the place is a house converted into a nightclub and world renowned for its classic music nights featuring tunes from the 80s and 90s as well as a wide range of contemporary club songs.

Aeroclube in Salvador de Bahia, on the other hand, caters almost exclusively to the younger crowd and plays mainly alternate and rock music, especially on Monday nights when their event ‘Rock in Rio’ takes place, causing the floor to erupt into mosh pits and power dancing.

Meanwhile in Manaus, the Porao do Alemao features more live rock and bands than anything. The club has been designed for more of a casual feel, but when the beat drops and the rock band starts playing, you know that a storm’s about to kick up on the dance floor!

Perhaps you’d prefer more of a relaxed venue but you still would like a nice beat to bop to, well now you can with Jardin’s Bar. The bar serves a variety of cool refreshing drinks and the casual dress code means that there’s no need to worry about dressing up for a relaxed evening out.

Cocktails galore in a partyground fit for a king, the Mucuripe Club in Fortaleza has been designed to incorporate enough space for bands to perform and the club features three rooms that work almost as if they were three different clubs, playing completely varied music in each room.

If you’re in the vicinity of Foz do Iguacu, the Tass is a must-see. The club has been described as one of the safest in the city and is known for the locals taking part heavily in the dancing. So if you’re looking for more socialising with a blend of dancing, then this club is the one for you!

Some people just like to kick back, relax and feel the ocean breeze as they gaze out into the sea, and, luckily there’s a bar just for you, the Restaurante Esquina Bar in Ilha Grande. The bar is renowned for its cool drinks by the beachside, offering a picturesque end to your day.

In Porto Alegre, the nightlife is incredible varied but the one that is most prominent is Manara. The club is known for playing Forro music on Sunday nights but varies its musical style and tastes greatly throughout the week in order to cater to any crowd.

With a huge bar and a chilled out lounge, EON is the place to be in Curitiba. The club features a more house techno musical taste with some of the top DJ’s in Brazil mixing there. Additionally the club incorporates a VIP section and a huge floor, allowing you to jump to the music or to chill out by the side.