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Languages & Phrases

Ola Oll-ah Hello/Hi
Adeus Ah-day-oos Good Bye!
Voce fala Ingles / Portugues Voh-say fah-lah In-gulls / Poor-chew-ges Do you speak English / Portuguese?
Meu nome e… May-oo nom-ay eh My name is…
Voce pode me ajudar? Voh-say poh-day may aj-you-dah Can you help me?
Estou a procura de… Ess-toh ah proh-ker-ah day I’m looking for…
Sim / Nao Seem / Now Yes / No
Obrigado Oh-brig-ah-doh Mr / Mrs / Miss
Hoje / Agora Hoh-jey / Ah-gore-ah Today / Now
Amanha / Ontem Ah-man-ah / On-tem Tomorrow / Yesterday
Este / Que / Aqui / La Ess-tey / Kay / Ah-key / Lah This / That / Here / There



Above are a few common Portuguese phrases to help you get around.


Although the official language of Brazil is Portuguese, spoken by over 99% of the population, many other languages of European and Asian decent are spoken, as well as indigenous languages, in the country. Additionally, Brazil speaks a variant of Portuguese which has been influenced by African and Amerindian languages, and the difference between the original language and the Brazilian counterpart has been compared to the difference between British and American English.

Throughout the nation over 180 Amerindian languages are spoken including Nheengatu, Baniwa and Tucano. German and Talian, a Venetian dialect of Italian, is spoken in many communities throughout the country and at least one second language is mandatory in schools during the course of both Primary and Secondary years, typically these include English, Spanish and Esperanto.