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The Academicos da Rocinha is one of Rio de Janeiro’s top Samba schools and is widely reputed for their participation in events such as the world-famous Rio Carnaval, producing dancers of a hugely powerful and talented nature and tutoring those of all ages.

Aeroclube de Campinas is one of the country’s best known flying clubs, taking to the skies and soaring into the blue daily, the club has produced over 1300 pilots since its founding in 1939.

Perhaps sailing is your forte? The Sao Paulo Yacht Club is widely renowned for its friendliness and good-natured attitude whilst keeping a professional nature in their practices since their founding in 1917.

Do you like a good ol’ walk? Well the Terra Brazil trekking tours include a range of tours all across the region as well as the areas of the Amazon basin, the Islands South of Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and even trips into the tropical paradise of Fortaleza.

The Guaruja Golf Clube runs a range of tournaments and events all throughout the year across one of their many golf courses across the region. Each course features lush greenery, neatly kept grounds and professional-grade equipment.

The Confederacao Brasileira de Basketball moderates all associated Basketball clubs, groups and organizations in the region whilst administrating events and organizing the top in the nation for international professional-level play during the course of the year.

Or perhaps you like a bit of the footy? The Sports Club Corinhians Paulista is one of the country’s very best teams and hosts a range of matches throughout the region, always adhering to professionalism and good sportsmanship during all events.