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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never used a recruitment agency previously, what should I know?
If you have never used a teacher recruitment agency before, you should first call us on +44 203 455 0195 to see if meet the basic criteria.  Once you have discussed the basics we require, we will ask you to upload your CV/Resume so that we can go through your CV in more detail. Upon approval you will be required to complete your SeekTeachers online profile and provide supporting evidence.  Here are some benefits of using SeekTeachers Recruitment Agency:
  • You have a dedicated consultant as a point of contact
  • You can have multple consultants working on your file depending on the country or countries that you want to go
  • We know what is required for immigration
  • We support you every step of the way to secure your international teaching job
  • We have a better relationship with our clients to iron out any concerns
  • We are able to help in negotiating your contract, where possible
  • We support you after you have signed the contract
  • We are here for you even after you have arrived in the country and need our assistance
  • We can help you secure your next international teaching job once you have finished your contract
How do I register with SeekTeachers?
To begin the registration process with SeekTeachers simply upload your resume. One of our specialist consultants will review your application and if you meet our criteria, you will be asked to fully register with SeekTeachers.  By uploading your CV/Resume to www.SeekTeachers.com means you agree and are bound by our Terms & Conditions.

Do you charge teachers to use SeekTeachers service?
It is FREE for teachers to register. We charge our clients for sourcing you. The only cost you may incur will be to get an up to date criminal police check and also to attest your documents depending on the country you are going to. Your Recruitment Agent will best advise you once you sign up.  When you are looking to confirm you attendance to a SeekTeachers recruitment fair we will ask for a small amount to secure your spot and once you arrive you will be given your money back

What documents do I need to register?
In order for SeekTeachers to be able to safely find you work we will need to see evidence of the following documents:
  • An up to date CV
  • A photo on clear white background
  • A valid Passport (Photo Page)
  • University Degree(s) & Transcripts
  • Teaching Qualification(s) & Transcripts
  • Basic Medical Declaration
  • Open Testimonials/Reference x 2
  • A recent Criminal Police Check (no older than 3 months)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) (if applicable)
Why do I need to provide you all these documents?
We process a large number of applications on a daily basis and due to the nature of the teaching profession we must ensure we are placing "safe teachers" into the market.  Our Compliance Team will carry out vetting to validate your identity, qualifications and experience.  SeekTeachers Recruitment Agency has developed a reputation for placing fully screened teachers. It is vital all screening checks are carried out and we have the documents we need else it will delay the process in placing you overseas.

What happens if I don’t have all the necessary documents?
SeekTeachers Recruitmenty Agency will wait until your documents are all verified before being able to seek work for you. Due to the many changes in immigration, SeekTeachers is always up to date on what is needed for you to be screened and also for you to get your visa once you have passed your interview

I have a criminal police check, but it’s older than 3 months, can I still apply?
Yes you can still apply to apply. We understand various countries have their own procedure and timeline to get an up to date police check. If your police check is older than 3 months we advise for you to upload the old one you have to your profile, so that our Compliance Team can check it off and as soon as the new criminal police check comes through to submit add that to your account.  If you are unsure on how to go about getting a new criminal police check, click here for more advise once your CV has been approved.

Note: without a valid police check SeekTeachers is unable to help you secure employment abroad.

How much does it cost to get a police check?
This will vary depending on the country you need to get a police check from. Once you have uploaded your CV and been approved as a candidate we can assist we you would be provided further details of what to get and the costs involved

I live outside the UK how do I get a new police clearance?
If you live outside of your home country and are already teaching abroad you will need to provide a police check from that country. Some countries do not have such a procedure of applying for a criminal report so they next best thing you can do is:
  • Get a letter of good conduct from a local police station
  • Get a reference stating that you have had no criminal record/actvity from the time you have been in employment. This will be verified
Additional assistance in getting an up to date police check can be found here

Is there an age cap for applying?
This will depend on which country you are applying for.  Some countries have a cap at 60 but choose not to employ anyone older than 55. This is down to the clients discretion.  Some countries like Malaysia have a minimum age requirement to apply.  The age restriction is stated on each of job posting.  Below are examples of some countries and their age cap:
  • UAE - 65, but clients can request candidates no older than 55
  • Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait - 65, but clients can request candidates to be no older than 58
  • China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietname, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan - 60, but clients can request no older than 55
You should contact your SeekTeachers to find out if you are eligible based on where you would like to teach.

I’m not a native speaker of English or western trained can I still register?
Our clients set the requirements for SeekTeachers to source suitable candidates. In the majority of the cases our client will require that the candidates we screen for them are fully western qualified.  Any variations to the job description will come directly from the client.  Check the minimum requirements to see if you meet the criteria.

SeekTeachers is an equal opportunities recruitment agency and does not discriminate basis of race, color, national origin, religion, housing status, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.  If you are unsure if you fit the criteria contact a SeekTeachers Consultant on +44 203 455 0195.

I found a couple of jobs on your website, how do I apply?
Due to the nature of recruitment if you are interested in applying for job on www.SeekTeachers.com, you may do one of the following:
  • Submit your CV/Resumer directly to the email of the consultant who advertised the job for review. If successful you will be asked to register your CV on the website so we can approve you and carry out the screening process
  • Upload your CV to SeekTeachers.com and after approval and successful vetting, you will be allowed to apply for suitable roles
What is the difference between an overseas hire and a local hire?
Some jobs you will see state the word overseas while others local.  The difference between overseas hire and local hire is describe below:
  • Overseas Hire - you will be entitled to all the benefits listed on a job advert.
  • Local Hire - if you are sponsored by your spouse you only be eligible for a salary and end of year bonus and be exlcuded from expatriate benefits. 
Depending on the country/region (often the Middle East) it is important to note that only 1 person is eligible for overseas benefits unless the employer at their discretion would give an overseas package for both husband and wife.  If you are a non-married couple and intend to both gain overseas package benefits so that you can co-habitate together, this is against the law of the land could result in deportation. Regions like Africa, South America, Europer and Asia Pacific and South East Asia would be more liberal regarding cohabitation and benefits packages for husband and wife or non-married couples.

I am under my husbands sponsorship can I get an international package?
This depends on the country. For the Middle East and GCC countries the answer would be no. Only 1 person is eligible for overseas package benefits. It would be down to the schools discretion to offer any expatriat benefits other than those you are entitled to. Other continents would be more relaxed as they are more open to taking on couples in or out of wedlock

Do I have to apply and pay for my visa?
All our clients will pay and arrange for your visa. This will be emailed to you closer to the time of departure.

I am married with dependants, can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply. However most schools prefer candidates that are single or teaching couples with no children due to the costs involved.  Some clients are open and prefer families to apply as they are likley to be more committed to settling down rather than single teachers that have only themselves to worry about and are cheaper to employ, as they can also easily move on.

Can my children come with me?
Depending on your nationality your children may or may not come with you depending on the country you are looknig to go. In most cases the answer is yes and the children would enter in on a tourist visa and once you have compeleted your visa process you may then be able to sponsor them.  The cost for flights and visa is normally covered by you and not provided by the employer (in most cases). The job advert will also state if tuition fees is fully covered or not. For the transition to be the smoothest, SeekTeachers recommends you travel out on your own and if your circumstances allow that you then apply for the visa for spouse and children when inside the country which would be cheaper for you when it comes to booking flights and processing paperwork.

Do I have to pay for my spouse or depandants visa?
Depending on the country and the client, each organisation has its own benefits package. In some cases you may be required to pay for the cost of visa and medical for spouse and family.  This is often true for countries such as the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. The majority of the packages in Saudi would cover these expenses. Please review the salary package of each job carefully before you apply for the role.

I have pets can I bring them with me?
This will depend on the type of pet and the region you want to go to. The Middle East is not  that pet friendly. It would be easier to bring a cat then a dog but most clients prefer not to have any pets in school accommodation.  Asia is more flexible with this as is South East Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.  The cost involved in bringing in your own pets you would be responsible before and schools do not provide assistance with this. Ensure you have discussed you are bring pets when speaking to your Consultant to save you and us time and effort in finding you the right place to teach overseas.

What Qualifications do I need to apply?
In most cases our clients require our candidates to be fully qualified teachers. This means you should have a B.Ed, M.Ed or a Bachelor's degree with a valid teaching license or certificate. A TEFL alone does not mean you are a fully qualified teacher.  Most of our clients would prefer 2 years experience although some organisations consider strong newly qualified teachers.

I am a Newly Qualified Teacher can I still register to teach abroad?
Yes you should still register. Strong newly qualified teachers are considered for some posts. This depends on our clients needs. Working overseas as soon you have qualified is not just an eye opener, our teachers tell us they are even stronger in the classroom when they return home.  Most school prefer taking on teachers with at least 2 years teaching experience as the competition for teaching abroad is increasing.  See our advice for Newly Qualified Teachers that want to teach abroad.

Will I be able to complete my NQT/Induction year overseas?
Yes, there are schools that have affiliates with the UK that are able to sign your NQT year off. However in a time where international schools have a lot of choice they prefer to take on teachers that have already passed the induction period to save on cost of getting your NQT year signed off.  It will be down to the schools discretion.  Your Consultant wil be best be able to advise you based on the country and employer you are looking to go to. 

I have a Degree and a TEFL with a few years experience. Why can't I apply for the position as an English Teacher?
A degree plus a TEFL does not make you a fully qualified teacher.  The majority, if not all international schools will wants someone with a valid teaching qualification or certificate to be a classroom English Teacher.  Having a degree plus a TEFL would secure you a language instructor or ESL teaching job but will not make secure you a fully qualified English teaching job.  For most clients, we would be looking for a teacher with a degree plus a TEFL (120 hours) and ideally 2 years ESL teaching experience to secure an ESL teacher role.

I have a TEFL, am I a fully qualified teacher?
No. A TEFL is a short course and not the equivalent of a full teaching qualification. If you are thinking of obtaining such a course we recommend completing at least 120+ hours.  We highly recommend the International TEFL academy which is fully accredited and will increases your chance of securing a TEFL job.

What curriculum will I be teaching?
There are many type of curricular taught internationally.  You can find more information about curriculums here.  SeekTeachers works with international nurseries and schools that deliver the following:
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Montessori
  • Reggio Emilia
  • UK Curriculum
  • USA Common Core
  • IB Curriculum
  • Australia Curriculum
  • Canadian Curriculum
SeekTeachers will aim to match you to the right organisation based on your CV and the screening procedure. You will be informed prior to and interview being arranged what curriculum is taught and what to research on.  Some organisations fuse curriculums and based on the religious philosophy may also teach this along side the main curriculum. For example, schools in the Middle East may teach the UK curriculum with the IB, but have an Islamic ethos.

I don’t have IB training can I still register?
Yes, you can still register. Due to the shortage of good IB teachers, unless the employer specificaly states on the job advert that applicants must be IB experienced, teachers without IB that are able to deliver a subject well can apply. In most cases the employer would put the job seeker on training after being appointed. Contact a SeekTeachers consultant on +44 203 455 0195 if you are unsure.

Do you have to speak another language in an international school?
No, but a lot of teachers tend to learn a new language through conversation over the duration of their stay. Some schools provide language lessons as part of the package.

How do I create an online profile for employers to see?
Once a Consultant has viewed your CV, if you meet the minimum requirements we will approve you to our system and full instruction will be provided to complete your SeekTeachers online profile.

When is the best time in the year to apply for an international teaching job?
International school recruitment happens all year round. Schools will recruit from as early as November/December for the following September. Most of the recruiting is done from January through to March. The sooner you are registered with SeekTeachers, the better the chance to get notice by employers first. You can register here.

What is the pay like overseas?
Teachers appy to go abroad for many reasons. Some for money, some for travel and some for both. Depending on the country, the tax system, and what you are teaching the pay can vary. For example a fully qualified teacher will earn more than an ESL teacher in most cases.  Regions like the Middle East and Asia are appealing as it allows teacher to make a competitve salary and often allows a teacher to save. Another important factor to consider when reviewing a salary is the cost of living in the country. This will determine whether you will have more money at the end of the month or month at the end of money.  Before you decide to teach away, you should take the time to calculate your expenses and do your research on salaries to save your consultant seeking the right job for you.  Review ???? for more information

Will my salary be the same as my gross salary now?
In most cases the answer is no. If you are looking for a gross salary to be paid TAX FREE, we strongly advise for you to have a re-think of teaching abroad. To have a candidate recruited there is a lot of hidden costs that may not be visible up front  The best way to understand salaries is to do the following:
  1. Review your current gross salary
  2. Minus the TAX on your gross salary
  3. Minus the rent./mortgage
  4. Minus the utility bills
Compare the remaining figure with the salary stated for a comparison because in most cases the following is provided for you, FREE: housing, medical, visa, flights, gratuity/bonus and a 2 year contract.

At the end of the month in most cases you will find you are saving more than what you would be in your home country.  Do the maths before you apply.

Will I get paid for the summer holidays?
Most contracts work on a pro-rata system and so if you join late there is a high chance your summer pay will be affected. If you join a  school at the start of the academic year in most cases yes your summer pay will be paid, so you will get 12 months pay and not 10. However, to ensure a school has your commitment some schools may pay July's pay in June and August pay in September when you return to ensure you are fully committed. If you were to start in January you may find you are not eligible for summer pay. For example the UAE law states you must have done at least 6 months of your contract before you are eligible for summer pay so if you start in January you will find you are slight short of 6 months and will not be entitled to summer pay benefits.

When will I get paid and how?
Most schools wire the money to a local bank account, once you get your visa and settle down.  Salaries are often paid at the end of the month.  Exact details will vary client to client and country to country. Your SeekTeachers Consultant will be able to best advise you once you have secured a job abroad.

What is the length of the contract?
Continuity in the classroom is key and so most international organisations will offer a 2 year contract that is renewable on mutual agreement. Some schools are heading towards a 3 year commitment. A 1 year contract is possible in more hard to fill countries but the clients will look for your level of commitment.

What happens if I break my contract?
In most cases there will be penalties for breaking a contract. This could mean the school could ask for money back re: flights, visa, recruitment fees, CPD.  Each contract will have its own clause which you would need to read carefully.  If  you have to leave due to a death in t he family or an emergency, as long as you havs discussed this with the employer in advance and left your belongings you will be ok. With teachers moving a lot more then before, if you tdecide to just pack and leave with no valid reason, you can face being put on the blacklist and that could result in you not being able to work in the country again.
What are the benefits of working internationally?
Teaching internationally not only allows you to do what you love best, teach, but it also allows you to travel and immerse yourself in new cultures and lifestyles. Teachers tell us they gain a multitude of experiences working abroad, both inside and outside of the classroom.