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Advice for Newly Qualified Teachers

Newly Qualified Teachers

Ok so you have just qualified and now looking for a teaching job abroad. So you start your search and all the jobs keep saying 2 years’ experience! No doubt you must be frustrated after working so hard to qualify and now you have another hurdle to overcome.
The world sure is getting smaller and more teachers are looking to teach abroad.  The reasons can be as follows:
  • To travel
  • To earn more money 
  • To travel and earn as you go
Whatever the reason for going overseas to teach, the competition seems to be in the rise as the economy is changing and teachers have more opportunity overseas and sometimes even more than their home country.  Some countries and organisations abroad are able to pass off our induction year but it would be best to discuss this with your SeekTeachers Consultant.

If you have done your research you will find that most of the job states a minimum requirement of 2 years’ experience to teach abroad. This is definitely true with the more established schools so you are probably reading this and thinking how you can get your foot in the door. SeekTeachers is here to help you select a school suitable for you and one that will help you get started on your adventure of teaching abroad.  Here is some advice you should go through on how to best market yourself to get chance of securing an interview.

Your CV

Naturally your CV is likely to be limited with less to present. If you have been a Teaching Assistant or worked in the field of education it is important to put this experience in. It is vital you have put down your teaching placements and stated the different duties you have undertaken.  We also recommend getting some references from your teaching practices to verify your work ethic and ability.  To find out more detailed information on what should be included on your CV click here.

Locations that will consider Newly Qualified Teachers

Many countries require at least 2 years POST qualification experience especially in a top international school setting. Some can need more than 3 years. However you will see many ESL type jobs that will take anyone on as long as they have a degree and a basic TEFL. If you have just qualified we do not recommend you to take an ESL job out of desperation of securing a role because it will be judged later by more established employers. We recommend securing a role in a school that can take an NQT and will start you off on the initial scale. These schools do exist and you need to see them more as a "stepping stone" school to get your foot in the door and then be able to transition upwards by contacting SeekTeachers after you have done your 2 year contract. We can then help you secure a role with more money and benefits as well as scope to develop your career further.
Countries that are more flexible and would consider newly qualified teachers or teachers with 1 years’ experience include: Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Thailand

Newly Qualified Teacher Salaries

Below is an example of some of the locations and what you may expect to earn as an NQT starting out.
  • TAX FREE salary from 700-800 KWD per month
  • FREE housing
  • FREE medical
  • FREE visa
  • FREE flights
  • Gratuity bonus
  • 1 year contract that is renewable
United Arab Emirates
  • TAX FREE salary from 7000-8000 AED per month
  • FREE accommodation
  • FREE flights
  • FREE medical cover
  • FREE visa
  • Gratuity bonus pay
  • 2 year contract that is renewable
  • 2 year contract
  • Flights
  • Medical
  • Visa
  • Low cost of living
  • 2 year contract
IMPORTANT: Although not publicly stated NQT's can be recruited in some countries that advertise a minimum of 2 years teaching experience BUT you will find your visa status is different which is the loop hole some organisations use to find the right teacher for them. If the teachers is more concerned in being employed, the employer helps the employee once they have been hired.  This would not affect your teaching requirements or your pay in any way.

Age Caps

Countries may have aged caps where they have a cut-off point. However, there are countries which have a minimum age cap also that you need to be aware of such as Malaysia where you need to be 25 or above to apply and Indonesia where the starting age requirement is 26. Anything below this these countries will not grant you a visa


The joy of international schools is there is a wide range of curriculums taught. The more flexible you are the better for you especially if you.

How to Develop Your Career

Once you have secured your international job, do not just stay stagnant and do your job, look for opportunities in the school to promote yourself and move up the ladder. If you have also been invited to go on to a professional development workshop or attend in house training, we highly recommend it. As the competition gets tougher employers will look for teachers that show interest in their own career to progress.
Once you have gained your 2 years of teaching experience post qualification you can expect to get a salary rise of 30-40%  and your doors will open up to many more opportunities.

To get more advice contant a SeekTeachers Recruitment Consultant on +44 203 455 0195 to see how we can help you get your NQT job abroad. Apply now for NQT jobs.