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Minimum Requirements

As much as SeekTeachers would like to work with and help all types of teachers, we are unable do so as the majority of our clients are overseas nurseries, schools, colleges and universities that require only specific types of candidates to be recruited through SeekTeachers, in order to get the best possible match.

We consider candidates that meet the following requirements:

  1. Native/Fluent speakers of English
  2. Are qualified from the following countries:
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Ireland
    • New Zealand
    • Scotland
    • South Africa
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America


The table below shows a general guideline for the type of qualifications you need to apply:

Grade of Teacher Minimum Qualification(s) Required*
Nursery Nurse University or College Degree in Early Childhood, Montessori Qualification, BTEC, NNEB, NVQ, RATE, Cache Level L3, L4
Primary Teacher, Secondary Teacher Middle School Teacher, Elementary Teacher, High School Teacher M.Ed, B.Ed, Bachelors Subject Degree with a Formal Teacher Training Qualification: PGCE - Primary, PGCE - Secondary, HDE, HDIP, Graduate Teacher Training Certificate, Cert Ed, Full Teacher Certification**
College or Further Education Lecturer Bachelor's Subject Degree and Further Education Teaching Qualification e.g PGCE - FE**
University Professor Masters Degree and Teaching Qualification or PhD with Teaching Qualification/Experience
English as a Foreign Language Teacher Bachelor's Subject Degree and a TEFL Certification (120 hours) or Degree in TEFL

*General Guideline
**More clients are preferring that your first degree is in line with what you teach e.g. Degree in Maths with Teaching license in Maths to be a Mathematics Teacher


Below is general guideline of the amount of experience you need to apply:

Grade of Teacher Minimum Experience Required*
Nursery Nurse 1 years experience
Primary Teacher, Secondary Teacher, Middle School Teacher, Elementary Teacher, High School Teacher 2 years experience, strong newly qualified teachers will be consider for some posts
College or Further Education 2 years experience, strong newly qualified teachers will be consider for some posts
University 2 years experience
English as a Foreign Language 1 years experience

*General Guideline

  • If are you a teacher that wants to go overseas or a teacher that has moved to a country under a spousal visa (local teacher) the above requirements apply.
  • Newly Qualified Teachers are also considered. Opportunities for Newly Qualified Teachers are stated in the job posting.
  • Unless stated on the job posting, IB jobs are open to non IB qualified teachers. If the school perceives you as "fit to deliver the subject", you can be appointed and IB training may be provided by the school.
In the majority of cases the above criteria would be required by SeekTeachers to help you. Occasionally we do get requirements that vary from the above. Such information will be provided on the job description and should be read before submitting your CV.
If you are unsure if you meet the criteria, please contact us on  +44 (0) 844 357 8866 or send your CV/resume to teachers.cv@seekteachers.com to be reviewed by a SeekTeachers consultant.
Important: All your details are held on our secure server in compliance with strict UK data protection laws. Only clients who are registered members to SeekTeachers will have access to your profile in a secured area.
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