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Founded in 1970, the Hispano Britanica de Cultura S.A Company rapidly grew until it opened the Colegio Ingles in 1975 which has flourished ever since. The school resolved the problems of several Aragonese families needing to educate their children in both Spanish and English. The school is located just along the Avda. Movera in Zaragoza.
Colegio Ingles teaches all of their students bilingually in English and Spanish, however, French and German are offered as additional languages as well. The school aims to reach a real balance between the aspects of Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Social, Aesthetic and Ethical Awareness in all of their students through a team of dedicated professionals and a range of effective resources.
Events vary through the years and may include events centred around the environment, puppetry, engineering, dance, literature, music, minerals and local history. Additionally, trips to museums, centres for renewable entry, nurseries, concert halls and libraries are regularly arranged.
The school actively encourages extra-curricular activities and these include Ballet, Chinese Language, Music, Computer Science, Karate and Chess. The school also offers pupils access to an exclusive summer camp. 

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