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So you have signed up with SeekTeachers, that’s the first step of securing an international teaching job but have you thought about all the other ways you can expand your reach?
With so many teachers applying for to teach abroad you need to find a way to stand out from the crows and show to an employer you are the right person for the job. Wouldn't it be great to be offered so many jobs so that you can pick and choose what is right for you?  Here are the some of the best ways we recommend teachers to market themselves

Create a powerful CV

Your CV is your canvass. This needs to be created with care and focus. Do not rush this process. Ensure your CV shows
  • Skills, experience and achievements
  • Ensure it covers all the key areas that should be in an international teachers resume
  • Make key words bold to highlight your experience and expertise
  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs and ensure there is a clear and consistent layout to your CV
For more information on what you should include in your cv click here

Using Social Media to network

With so many mediums online to brand yourself, there really is no excuse not to network and reach out to co-colleagues to help you get your "foot through the door" and get an interview. Teachers are using Facebook and LinkedIn to review jobs and also build professional relationships with recruiters and employers. Ensure your profiles are complete with the necessary detail to sell yourself. 

Build Links

Recruitment is more than just sending your cv to anywhere you see a teaching job or any recruiter that crops up. Its about building strategic links with professionals that can help you meet your goal and match your skills and qualifications for the right job, not just any old job.

Use Job boards

SeekTeachers Recruiters do not just advertise on just advertise on SeekTeachers.com. We actively market our jobs on other job boards and to get the best reach we recommend you sign up to them as well with your very best and up to date CV to maximise your chances.

Search the best companies

Use search engines or traditional methods to research the types of schools or organisations you want to work for, information about the geographical location as well as the cost of living in the country. Sometimes what may look great on a job advert does not necessarily mean it is right for you.  Use specific search terms on search to increase the probability of landing the best for you and your future.

Clear state of mind

Get yourself in a state of mind of knowing who you are, what you clearly want, what you bring to the table, why you should be selected and know your long term plan. So many teachers call us thinking they know what they and when we ask them questions, we get left with totally the opposite feeling a feeling of uncertainty. To help us to help you, you should do your homework; define the boundaries so we can work effectively to help you. This confidence of knowing clearly what you are looking for will help you secure your international teaching job faster.  The more ambiguous you are the more difficult it becomes for your Consultant to match you to the right education company.

Strategic links

The world evolves more on who we know, not what we know. If you have all the PhD's under the sun but are unable to be an effective communicator no one will be interested in employing you. Be personable and form strategic partnerships with people and organisations. Don't just follow the crowd, be innovative and make contact with the right circle of teachers, not just anyone.

Plan for Success

Ever heard the saying fail to plan, you plan to fail. Well this is definitely true when it comes to finding your teaching job abroad.  Get organised and prepared from the very beginning of constructing your CV, preparing for your interview, then after you have secured the job and finally for when you land in the new country. Don't rely on luck or chance because the more effort you put into finding your job the greater your chances of success will be.

A work in progress

Your career is a work in progress. Consider yourself to be like a product and just life a product has a life cycle so you. Becoming qualified is fantastic, but being able work on your career and developing is what separates the excellent educator from the good educator or just an educator. Always look to better yourself professionally. The TOP schools are looking for teachers that are always moving and growing not those who are stagnant.  Attending professional development sessions is valuable for your resume.
The more you invest in yourself the more saleable to recruiters and employers you can be. Here at SeekTeachers we have a personable approach as well as a consultative one to best match you to the right job. Contact us now to see how we can help you teach abroad and get your ideal education job overseas.