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Lib Dem Tripled Universities Fees sink the UK further in Debt

posted on 24/3/2014

Countrywide rioting, public outcry, parliament in flames!   Okay, that last one was admittedly bit much, but it’s been noted time and time again, whether it’s through Youtube, Facebook or in the minds of numerous aspiring undergraduate students that the Liberal Democrat party made mistake after mistake with their debauchery of the education system, and now, with the country&rsqu... read more


Illiteracy is Rampant in Women: Nature or Nurture?

posted on 21/3/2014

It’s widely considered that women have both better social skills and have better memory whilst men are better with perception and coordination. These have been attributed to the way that the brain is wired differently in male and female humans and after nearly a thousand brain scans; these suspicions have been astutely confirmed. Female brains tend to be connected to a higher degree between ... read more


China rises to blow International Education out of the water

posted on 19/3/2014

China’s often been considered to be under the thumb of a vicious dictator, its peoples’ freedom restricted and their rights denied under the reign of a tyrannical government bent on working its citizens to death and bleeding their economy dry. Wages are low and workload is high and the nationals seem to have less and less rights every day, leaving the country to work overseas more and ... read more


All Teachers urgently need Licenses

posted on 17/3/2014

Up until now, the necessities to become a teacher have been reasonable and not only are Qualified Teacher Status and a degree in line with what is being taught required, but also a native-level control of the English language has been required. However, up until recently, this has only been at the request of a school and not at the approval of the Emirati government.   However, the governm... read more


Academic Knowledge is Worthless

posted on 17/3/2014

So commonly within the walls of Academia, we are told that it is ‘critical’ to know this, or ‘vital’ to know that. Certainly, there are many important knowledge bases, mental mind sets and complicated techniques useful in every industry obtainable from any academic institution worth its weight. But how much of what we learn is truly useful and is there any point attending h... read more


Technology: The New Teacher?

posted on 17/3/2014

It’s been long said that one day, in a future, far, far away, we’ll be seeing teachers replaced by automated systems, robotics and computer technology of the highest caliber. Up until recently, however, this was all but science fiction and served no real-world probability or possibility. However, this could be due to change.   In the Gulf Region, Middle East, classrooms are see... read more


Education in China: Brilliant but is it Unethical?

posted on 17/3/2014

It’s true that Shanghai, China, is long reputed to have the best education system in the world. Indeed, it’s known that on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) rankings, China has scored the highest in every sector for the past five years, including in Mathematics, Science and Reading, beating high-power western world countries such as the US, the UK and Australia.... read more


The real reason why university fees have Tripled

posted on 7/3/2014

In the United Kingdom, at least, the 2011-2012 period saw university fees jump substantially, no thanks to the broken promises of the Liberal Democrats and their leader, Nick Clegg, who actually made a pledge to freeze, lower or nullify university fees and subsequently went and gave in to the demands of the Conservative party in tripling. But many do not know some of the most important factors why... read more


Finland - Putting Western Education to Shame

posted on 5/3/2014

The east and northern regions of the world are often criticized, for lack of a better term, for a non-civilized view of economic and educative principles. But in recent years the world has seen a sharp turn in many of these countries and it’s been shown that these outdated, and frankly, bigoted views are reminiscent of a time when people thought certain countries were the greatest in the wor... read more


Western Education has ruined the Developed World

posted on 3/3/2014

Despite what many may perceive as a highly developed institutional system, the western world’s education has often been criticised as ‘lacking stimuli’ and ‘non-engaging’ with sources frequently citing that a lack of gripping material, exercises and frankly downright one-sided historical reference sets has damaged the young minds of this majorly influential region of ... read more


Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

posted on 28/2/2014

Starting in the 1950s, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is widely known as one of the world’s biggest celebrations of Ice and Snow, occurring in the height of Chinese winter in the city of Harbin, which typically drops to far lower temperatures than the rest of China due to cold northern winds coming into the country from Siberia, Russia. This can cause the fes... read more


Cuisine in Asia

posted on 26/2/2014

Broken into a wide variety of styles across an even wider variety of regions, food in Asia has been developed exponentially throughout the ages as techniques have been refined and cuisine diversified further and further over time. Asia is home to some of the most unique cuisine from across the world and sees cooks use ingredients from all food groups as well as some unique ingredients not usually ... read more


Winter Olympics

posted on 24/2/2014

Once every four years athletes gather from all across the globe to compete on snow and ice to take the gold medals in the Winter Olympics, but these sports are not just limited to the coldest regions of the planet: this event has taken place on three different continents in eleven countries with the first event occurring in 1924 in Chamonix, France. However, many consider the predecessor, the Nord... read more


Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

posted on 21/2/2014

With its origins based in 1993 in the Empire Polo Club, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival began with a performance by rock band Pearl Jam, and although the band’s management used the site to boycott Ticketmaster, the success of the concert demonstrated just how well a larger-scale event would succeed. In 1999, the first Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took place an... read more


Sonar Stockholm

posted on 19/2/2014

Only last weekend the pioneer electronic music festival, possibly even the world’s premiere electronic music event, Sonar Stockholm in Barcelona, came to a close. This year we saw amazing artists including Daphni, Clark, Floating Points, Abdulla Rashim, Sisy Eye and Nadja Chatti on the Friday, and Jon Hopkins, Aeroplane, TM404, Naomi Pilgrim, Downliners Sekt and Iberia on the Saturday. Each ... read more


Sights in Europe

posted on 18/2/2014

Typically considered one of the most developed regions of the world, the European continent holds a massive amount of cities supporting around 740 million people and covering over 10 million kilometres squared of landmass. The continent is also home to some of the most notable sights and scenes in the world and below we discuss some of the common favourites: Starting in the city of Londo... read more


Chinese New Year

posted on 31/1/2014

Marking the start of the Chinese Calendar and also known as Chunjie (Spring Festival) in China, the Chinese New Year  is also known as Nian (Festival of the Year), Guo Nian (Passing of the Year) and Nongli Xinnian (New Year of the Agricultural Calendar) while Chinese New Year’s Day is known as Yuandan (The first sunrise), Da Nian Chuyi  (The first day of the great year) and Nongli ... read more


Customs and Guidelines of Qatar

posted on 29/1/2014

Qatar is a beautiful desert region with some of the newest contemporary architecture, most unique foods & flavours and the most brilliant tropical climates of the Middle Eastern region. But what local customs and cultures should be taken into account before travelling to this wondrous land? Below we look through some of the most prominent and important ones to keep in mind. Qatar through hi... read more


Culture & Tradition in Asia

posted on 27/1/2014

Throughout Asia, a variety of cultures and traditions meet and greet one another on a daily basis and this could be due to the conjoined landmass allowing travel so easily just via foot alone. This huge and incredibly diverse land is home to a variety of peoples speaking an even wider variety of languages. These languages number in the hundreds with more than six-hundred different languages being ... read more


Sundance Film Festival

posted on 24/1/2014

Celebrating a whole host of big-budget-films, genres, film makers and independent films, the Sundance Film Festival is world renowned and draws in over forty-six thousand attendees yearly. The festival serves to showcase the works of a variety of groups all over the world and is held in January every year in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden and Sundance Resort. Beginning in August 1978 in Salt ... read more