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Housing & Living Expenses

Living in Zambia is extremely cheap and prices are far lower than those in the west. A Meal in a restaurant for example will cost you around 61 ZMW ($10 or £5.90), while a litre bottle of water costs about 6.80 ZMW ($1.10 or £0.66), a litre of milk will cost you around 8.70 ZMW ($1.43 or £0.84), 500g of bread will cost around 6.50 ZMW ($1.10 or £0.63) and 12 Eggs go for about 12 ZMW ($2 or £1.20).

Luxuries are just as cheap and may see a pack of cigarettes go for as cheap as 10 ZMW ($1.60 or £0.97), a litre of beer costing around 14 ZMW ($2.30 or £1.40) and a bottle of mid-range wine going as low as 62 ZMW ($10 or £6).

Scaling it up a bit, rent is equally cheap and sees a single bedroom apartment go for as low as 2500 ZMW ($410 or £240), while in the city centre you’re looking at something closer to 4700 ZMW ($770 or £460). Meanwhile a 3-bedroom apartment in the city centre goes for around 9700 ZMW ($1600 or £940) and outside you’ll be seeing rent cost closer to 7600 ZMW ($1300 or £740).