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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

Zambia has around 85 thousand main lines in use as well as over 11 million mobile phone lines. The country uses the calling code +260 and uses 2 Intelsat Satellite Earth Stations (1 Indian Ocean & 1 Atlantic Ocean) as well as a further three owned by Zamtel.


The Internet services in Zambia use the top code .zm and include over 2 Million Users across the world on around 15 thousand wired connections and 91 thousand wireless ones on around 17 thousand hosts. Although internet access is not restricted in any way, the government has attempted to take down critical online publications and blogs in the past but has never been successful in these attempts.


Zambia’s three biggest radio stations are owned by the state-owned Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation. Alongside these, another 24 private stations also operate and at least two international stations are accessible in Lusaka and Kitwe. One TV station under the ZNBC is also accessible as well as several private TV stations, accessible through Multi-channel subscription-based TV services.