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Weather, Climate & Holidays

Weather & Climate

Kenya’s precipitation gradients based on your distance from the ocean and it’s temperature gradients based on your elevation from sea-level.

Mombasa, by the ocean, may receive in excess of 250mm in the rainy seasons between April and June, but can receive as little as 10mm between January and March and due to the ocean breeze the temperature can fluctuate wildly during the day but generally sees temperatures drop to 28 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit) during the cooler months of June to August, but may see temperatures as high as 34 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit) between the months of January to March.

Further inland, the city of Kitale receives its heaviest rain during the months of May to August where rainfall as high as 170mm is possible, and its lowest rain during the months of December to February where rainfall can drop as low as 10mm. The temperature stays fairly consistent all year around and can see both its hottest temperatures, at up to 28 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit), and its coldest temperatures, as low as 11 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit) during the same early months of the year between December and February.


Feel like just kicking back on the beach, catching some sun and enjoying a splash in the pool? Now you can at the Amani Tiwi Beach Resort. The Amani Tiwi Beach Resort features a distinctive native African style fused with old-world Latin architecture. During your stay you can also opt to stay in a Villa, take a cruise and also dine at any of several restaurants.

Fitting perfectly on the cliff-top coastline of the gorgeous sapphire Indian Ocean, the Mnarani Club come with its own infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean as well as its very own private beach for anyone looking to catch a little sunlight. Guests may opt to take part in watersports, try some cool cocktails at the beachside bar or perhaps try the restaurants’ buffet.

Meanwhile, located in the Baobab Forest, the Baobab Beach Resort is split into three sections, the Baobab, the Maridadi and the Kole Kole, each with its very own restaurant and pool. If you’re looking for activities, you’re in the right place as the Baobab Forest is perfect for exploring, or perhaps you’d like to try a gourmet a la carte or maybe even try your hand at big game fishing?

If you want a prime location for your holiday, mixed in with a chilled out scene, the Diani Sea Resort is ideal for your tastes! The hotel features close proximity to the ocean but also has its own series of pools so that you can try whatever you’re feeling like on the day! It keeps to a traditional African aesthetic style but does incorporate a lot of modern elements and touches.

For something a little more rustic but no less enjoyable, try the Leopard Beach Resort & Spa! The resort is placed in extremely close proximity to the beach and features a range of villas with thatched roofs and whitewashed walls for an authentic African village feel. However, the pool is fully-functional and has a range of tropical gardens surrounding it.