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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

There are around 300,000 landlines in use and around 30 million cell phones active, the system works through a microwave radio relay or a VSAT system, connections include 4 Intelsat Earth Satellite stations and multiple communications cables connecting the Eastern African Submarine Cable System, the East African Marine System and SEACOM Fibre-Optic Submarine Cable Systems. The country uses the calling code +254.


The country uses the top-level domain .ke and is used by over 14 million users across the country on around 43,000 Fixed broadband subscriptions and a million Wireless broadband subscriptions. The internet is not censored in any way by the government and the constitution protects freedom of expression, however, technically the Communications Amendment Act of 2009 prohibits obscene information being published or transmitted, but no one has yet been prosecuted for any offenses related to this. Additionally, many rural areas may lack internet due to a currently limited infrastructure.


There are 2 state-owned radio broadcasters which provide both local and regional radio services across multiple languages as well as a large number of private stations broadcasting in a variety of local languages. There are over 3 million radios in the country with 24 AM stations, 8 FM and 6 shortwave.
There are well over a million TV sets across the country and around half a dozen privately owned stations and 2 state-owned stations which broadcast on satellite and cable services. Many channels are available which are available from many providers including Zuku TV, MultiChoice, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and the BBC World Service.