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Club, Pub & Nightlife

World famous, the Carnivore, located directly next to Wilson Airport and the Nairobi National Park, is THE place to be if you’re looking for an absolutely mind-blowing night out. The club regularly hosts concerts of up to twenty thousand people which features performers and musicians from all over Africa. Right next door is the Carnivore Restaurant for when you’re feeling the munchies after having a little dance.

Known to the locals as ‘F2’, the Florida 2000 is known for its wide range of high-class drinks and is located ideally in the city centre. But beware! This club isn’t for the faint of heart and features dancers for regular cabaret shows. However, it is good for food and provides nyamachoma (barbequed meat) alongside its drinks.

For a bit of a more chilled night out, Casablanca is your go-to spot. The club features more mellow Moroccan tunes and is split into three main areas which all incorporate a Bedouin style, complete with Shisha pipes, as well as an outer courtyard with open firepits and a small dance floor & bar.

The K1 Klub House has a much funkier atmosphere and features several bars including a sports bar with a large TV and a string of pool tables with a balcony. The K1 also features the Pitcher and Butch pub which incorporates a contemporary style fused with tribal African featurettes to bring forth a more relaxed atmosphere.

For a balance of relaxation and high-vibe energetic beats, the Rafikiz Bar & Lounge allows you to either chill out with some friends, good food and drinks, or you can hit the dance floor and blaze up a storm with lightning-fast footwork to the latest African top hits and tunes.