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Housing & Living Expenses - Kenya Apply now for international schools jobs and start teaching abroad with overseas adventure.

Living Costs in Kenya are extremely cheap compared to the west, as a meal at a restaurant would cost you KSH 300 ($3.40 or £2.00), a litre of water can cost as little as KSH 64 ($0.73 or £0.43), a litre of milk will cost around KSH 89 ($1.00 or £0.59), a 500g loaf of bread costs about KSH 51 ($0.58 or £0.34) and 12 eggs costs KSH 180 ($2.10 or £1.20).

Meanwhile, luxuries will set you back mildly more but are still inexpensive, with a litre of beer costing about KSH 260 ($3.00 or £1.70), a pack of cigarettes costs KSH 180 ($2.10 or £1.20) and a bottle of mid-range wine costs around KSH 1000 ($11 or £6.60).

Monthly rent is comparable, with a 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre costing KSH 44,000 ($500 or £290) and outside the city centre it drops down to KSH 31,000 ($350 or £210). Meanwhile a 3 bedroom apartment outside the city centre costs around KSH KSH 65,000 ($740 or £430) and inside the city centre it’ll cost significantly more at KSH 81,000 ($920 or £540).