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Housing & Living Expenses - Brazil Apply now for international schools jobs and start teaching abroad with overseas adventure.

A one bedroom apartment in the city centre in Brazil will typically cost around BRL 1210 ($510 or £300) a month, whilst outside the city centre you’ll see prices more around the BRL 810 ($340 or £200) mark. A three bedroom apartment, however, will cost you around BRL 2690 ($1130 or £680) in the city centre, and around BRL 1800 ($760 or £450) outside of the city centre.

Meanwhile a meal at a restaurant will set you back between BRL 15 and 80 ($6.30-$33.60 or £3.80-£20.10) depending where you eat, a litre of water will cost around BRL 6.10 ($2.60 or £1.50), a litre of milk costs around BRL 2.40 ($1.00 or £0.60), 500g of bread costs around BRL 4.00 ($1.70 or £1.00) and twelve eggs also costs about BRL 4.00 ($1.70 or £1.00).

Finally, luxuries go for around BRL 6.70 ($2.80 or £1.70) for a litre of domestic beer, BRL 5.50 ($2.30 or £1.40) for a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of mid-range wine for around BRL 20 ($8.40 or £5.00). The average monthly disposable salary after tax is at around BRL 1780 ($750 or £450).