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Food & Cuisine

Nigerian Cuisine is very prominent in African culture and like many other African nations, sees heavy usage of spices and herbs combined with groundnut oil or palm oil to create strong sauces served alongside meats and vegetables. The usage of Chili Peppers in Nigerian cuisine is also extremely prominent and this in turn creates some of the hottest sauces across the continent.

Dishes may include Tuwo Shinkafa (a thick rice pudding usually served with goat or pumpkin stew, which in turn is often made with spinach, goat or mutton meat and smoked fish), Suya (grilled meat coated with ground chilli pepper and prepared barbecue style), Egusi soup (made with ground melon seeds, leaf vegetables, other vegetables seasonings and various meats), Amala (a thick paste made from yams) and Chin Chin (fried cookies made from wheat flour, eggs and butter).

Drinks are varied in nature and can include coconut milk, Zobo (made of roselle juice) Palm Wine and Fura da Nono (made of millet or sorghum and cow milk).