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Languages & Phrases

Salut Sah-loo Hello/Hi
Au Revoir Aw Rev-wah Good Bye!
Parlez Vous Anglais / Francais? Pah-lay Voo On-glay / Fron-say Do you speak English / Spanish?
Je M'appelle... Sheh Map-el My name is…
Pouvez Vous M'aider? Poo-vay Voo May-de Can you help me?
Je Recherche... Shey Ree-chursh I’m looking for…
Oui / Non Wee / Noh Yes / No
Merci Mur-see Mr / Mrs / Miss
Aujourd Hui / Maintenant Oh-shord Wee / Mane-ten-on Today / Now
Demain / Hier Deh-mon / He-air Tomorrow / Yesterday
Ce / Que / Ici / La See / Kay / Ee-see / Lah This / That / Here / There


Above are a few common French phrases to help you get around.


Although Nigeria’s official language is English, this is only representative of the now-ended British Colonization efforts of Africa and as such doesn’t accurately depict the wild variety of languages spoken in the country. In actuality, Nigeria has one of the most diverse and varied range of languages spoken in the world, numbering over five hundred, and includes many indigenous languages as well as many more brought in by Europeans. English is spoken in many forms, often in a broken format known as Nigerian Pidgin English, but also sometimes mixed with parts of other languages of both European and African origin.

French is incredibly common throughout the country and is found in varied forms, often mixed with English or other native languages like in Benin and Cameroon. Also common are the Niger-Congo languages such as Fulfulde, Yoruba and Igbo, as well as Kanuri. Each ethnic group has a tendency to communicate within their own language entirely but English is still widely used for education as well as for both business and political purposes. Hausa is the most widespread indigenous language, despite not ever leaving the country due to the limited travels of its speakers beyond the boundaries of Nigeria.