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Weather, Climate & Holidays

Weather & Climate

Due to Nigeria’s geographical location and varied height elevations, Nigeria has four different climate types based on the location.
In the north along the Niger border is the Tropical Dry Climate type which sees low rainfall and temperatures that rise up as high as 40 degrees Centigrade (104 Fahrenheit).

In the south the Tropical Rainforest Climate is found which sees a high degree of rainfall (with the annual often at over 4000mm) with a consistent, but humid, temperature range with summers rising as high as 28 degrees Centigrade (82.4 Fahrenheit) and dropping as low as 26 degrees Centigrade (78.8 Fahrenheit) in the winters.

Further to the west the Tropical Savanna Climate can be observed which sees wildly fluctuating rainfall from very heavy in the rainy season and almost none in the dry season (with annual rainfall at around 1500-2000mm), with summers soaring as high as 36.9 degrees Centigrade (98.42 Fahrenheit) and winters plummeting as low as 18.45 degrees Centigrade (65.21 Fahrenheit).

All areas above 1500 metres above sea level are susceptible to the Highland Climate which gives them an extremely cool climate range all year around.


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