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Due to the high quantity of the crops produced in the country’s Nile Valley and Delta, Egyptian Cuisine frequently makes use of vegetables, especially legumes, and may see additions of bread, alcohol and seafood on the side. It’s been quoted as especially good for vegetarians due to the high reliance on vegetable dishes.

Common dishes may include Eish Masri (a type of flatbread made from fenugreek seeds and maize flour), Keshk (a yoghurt pudding often seasoned with fried onions and chicken), Mahshi (rice stuffing seasoned with herbs and spices and stuffed into various vegetables and occasionally meat such as pigeon), Samak Mashwi (grilled fish) and Calamari (fried or grilled squid with tartar sauce).

Deserts are popular too and typically resemble other Eastern Mediterranean desserts such as Malban (Turkish delight), Luqmat al-Qadi (small crunchy doughnuts filled with syrup) and Eid ul-Fitr (shortbread covered with icing sugar and stuffed with dates, walnuts and/or Turkish delight). Tea is also very popular in Egypt, as is Coffee, but is typically served black and sweet, but can be served with milk as well.