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Held in Mokhtar Street Library, the Archaeological Society of Alexandria holds regular meetings four days a week and is responsible for many of the massive advancements into archaeological study in Egypt.

Friends of the Environment is a conservationist group in Alexandria concerned with the state and affairs of the environment in Egypt and are known to hold regular meetings in the sporting club for events, rallies and the like.

Like diving? You’ll love the British Sub Aqua Club of Cairo! The club organizes frequent trips out and dives, allowing for divers of all nationalities and experience levels to participate as well as offering a range of free training courses for all those looking to push their skills higher so that they can dive a little deeper.

With training sessions held at the crack of dawn for two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, the Cairo Rugby Club practices in the district of Maadi and owns its own clubhouse and equipment, allowing players of all experience levels to attend and welcoming newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.

Perhaps you’re a little more artistically inclined or see yourself as more of a craftsman/woman? The Cairo Art Guild provides a welcoming community atmosphere for anyone looking to participate in these disciplines and invites new members to try new sources of artwork and crafting prowess every two weeks.

The Technical Diving International Club is located on the coast of the Red Sea and features trained instructors, allowing anyone to progress to a level of mastery in diving or any diving-related discipline, the club organizes regular dives throughout the month.