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One of the most prominent and dominant nightclubs in the country, the After Eight in Cairo produces live music for seven nights a week from the likes of Dina, Sahra, Reggae Bus and the Wust El Balad Band. Space is limited and its couples only so make sure to make a reservation! The nightclub also functions as a fully-functional restaurant.

Active and bouncing, the Tamarai in Cairo is one of Egypt’s biggest nightclubs and is widely thought of as one of the city’s penultimate after-dark locations. The club embraces a modern yet relaxed feel designed by internationally renowned architect Shahira H. Fahmy and brings both liveliness and comfort into the mix to allow all of the club’s guests to feel welcome.

Moving into Sharm El Sheikh, the Crystal LIVE Lounge brings a stylish and sophisticated aura about through the use of some of the international stage’s top vocalists, musicians and performers. The club also offers a range of VIP services such as a first-class waiter service, happy hour and champagne cocktails to allow those willing to let go of a little cash to enjoy a wonderful night out.

For those looking to revisit their native homeland of England or for those wishing to experience the British atmosphere, The Half Crown in Sharm El Sheikh brings forth a brilliant English pub style with typical drinks served in a venue in the United Kingdom. The pub is ideal for the homesick, the lovesick and those looking for a good night out with friends alike.

Luxor also offers many delights perfect for those whom are a little homesick such as Murphy’s Irish Pub, an authentic Irish Pub with authentic Irish (and European) drinks, allowing those wishing for a nice social night out to experience a comfortable nightlife, and for those just wanting a good hot meal, the pub is perfect for that too, serving reasonably priced good-quality food all night long.

Want to feel like a king? The Golden Palace Bar in Luxor is designed to make you feel like just that! The whole bar has been decked out with beautiful golden-coloured furniture, lighting and upholstery, giving a feel of pure royalty, luxury and extravagantly elegant ambience. The bar serves tasty drinks sourced from all over the world.

Perhaps you need a livelier venue but you’re not quite feeling like getting all hot and bothered in a sweaty club somewhere? How about the Cacao Bar in Dahar? The Cacao Bar has been designed with a significant Italian motif and serves all sorts of delicious food from Pizza to Lasagne, allowing you to chill out, enjoy a meal and watch the footy. Hey, maybe even enjoy that free Wi-Fi they provide too?

Featuring a slightly more Hawaiian feel, the Mojito Club & Sports Bar in Dahab has been said to produce some of the tastiest drinks in the country whilst giving off a sort of beach-side atmosphere. The roof bar is particularly good in the evenings for a quick drink and dancing is available for anyone looking to get their feet wet!

Skat, Funk, Jazz. You love it, the Crooners Club provides it! Some of the top Jazz from all over the country alongside Soul and Nu Jazz bands perform regularly in this venue, fitted with air-conditioning, delectable drinks and the cosiest seating, allowing you to easily kick back, relax and let yourself be one with the music.