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Education, Students & Private Schooling

Education can be broken into four levels and all are free at a public school level:

Kindergarten is not compulsory but parents may choose to opt in their child as early as four years old.

Basic Education covers ages between six and fourteen. This includes Primary School for four years and Preparatory School for four years. This stage of education is compulsory and exams are held when the child is eight, eleven and fourteen.

Secondary School is at the second level and lasts for three years between ages 15 to 17. Exams are held when the child is sixteen and again at seventeen.
The Tertiary level covers the last level and allows students to advance into Higher Education.

The overall literacy rate has improved drastically in the last decade and today an average 72% of adults in the country are fully literate (81% males, 64% females). Private Schools are split into four types: Ordinary, which are more individual-centred variants of government schools, Language, which teach most of the curriculum in English but also have French and/or German as a second language, Religious, typically Azhar or Catholic schools and International, which follow the curriculum of another country such as the UK, US or France.