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Safety, Security, Crime & Emergency Numbers

Colombia’s biggest issue is undoubtedly the warring between multiple factions including the left-wing guerrilla fighters such as the FARC and ELN, the right-wing paramilitaries such as the AUC, the Drug Cartels and the State. Sadly, the civilian population has been known to be frequently dragged into the crossfire between these groups, often with individuals being targeted for ‘collaborating’ and as a result being extorted, kidnapped and assassinated.

The Illegal drug trade is also one of the bigger issues the country faces and sees exportation of Cocaine, Marijuana and other mainly-psychoactive drugs exported by one of several Drug Cartels.

Tourists and foreigners being kidnapped in Colombia remains low, but is still known to occur and recently it’s become more common for thieves to expose travellers to chemicals through aerosol or paper hand-outs before assaulting and robbing them.

Emergency Numbers

  • General Emergency – 112 or 123
  • Police – 156
  • Ambulance – 132
  • Fire – 119
  • Traffic Accident – 127
  • Kidnapping – 165