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Weather & Climate

Colombia’s climate range varies greatly and includes a wide variety of climate types all across the region including Tropical Mountain Range, Tropical Savannah, Tropical Rainforest, Steppe and Tropical Desert.

In the Northern reaches of Colombia, the Tropical Mountain Range climate is most prominent, but this can be further split down into five more climate types that vary based on the altitude of the region.

Up to 1km above sea level, the Warm Climate Thermal Floor can be seen and temperatures stay constantly above 24 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit) but may rise as high as 30 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit), accompanied by heavy rain.

Between 1 and 2km above sea level, the Temperature Climate Thermal Floor may be observed and sees temperatures typically between 17 and 24 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit), accompanied by between 2000 and 2500mm of rain annually.

Between 2 and 3km above sea level, the Cold Climate Thermal Floor is present and temperatures between 10 and 17 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit) are commonplace, annual rainfall is at around 2000mm typically.

Between 3 and 4km above sea level, the Paramo Climate Thermal Floor is visible and sees temperatures at constantly below 10 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit), with rare rainfall but frequent snowfall.

The Glacial Climate Thermal Floor at 4km above sea level is considered the country’s coldest weather conditions with practically non-existent rainfall, constant snowfall and temperatures constantly below 10 degrees Centigrade ( Fahrenheit), few living species inhabit regions hosting this sub-climate.

In the Eastern areas of Colombia, the Tropical Savannah climate is seen and has temperatures between 24 and 27 degrees Centigrade ( and  Fahrenheit), the climate varies a little due to the rainy and dry seasons produced by trade winds from the north east which periodically switch every six months.

In the West, the Steppe climate is the most frequent and sees temperatures being more moderate in nature, with a dry season for 5 months followed by a rainy season.

In the Southern depths of Colombia, the Tropical Rainforest climate is most visible in the Amazon Rainforest Basin and other nearby regions and sees hot and humid conditions with heavy frequent rainfall.

The Tropical Desert climate is located primarily in the centre of Colombia and sees consistently high temperatures with extremely small amounts of rainfall, usually during a singular month of the year, without a mountain barrier nearby, trade winds from the northeast are carried through the desert, producing humid conditions and droughts alike.


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With a colonial era stylization and built in the country’s age-old city of Santa Marta, the Casa de Isabella is located strategically in the Centro Historico, the city’s oldest district, alongside many other buildings that reflect a colonialist Mudejar architectural style. The hotel gives its guests access to beautiful green courtyards, a personal rooftop pool, complimentary iPads, Apple TV and, of course, the swiftest Broadband available.

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Lovingly restored and reinvigorated, the Casa San Agustin in Cartagena welcomes its visitors with warm western vibes through colonial-era architectural motifs combined with brightly coloured furnishings. The hotel is particularly notable for its well-known restaurant and bar, serving up a storm of custom-crafted cocktails.

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