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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

Colombia uses the Country Code +57 and has over 31 million mobile telephone subscribers and over 8 million landline users. Coverage of the region exceeds 90% and Colombia Telecom is responsible for around a third of all lines in place with the remaining two thirds split fairly evenly between around 30 other operators.


There are over 21 million internet users with around 4 million of these being mobile internet users and this equates to around 39% of the population having an online presence with around 600 thousand internet hosts. Today the biggest Internet Service Providers are Telecom, ETB, EPM, Coldecon, Telmex Colombia S.A, TV Cable SA, CableCentro, Cable Union de Occidente, TV Cable Promision SA, Dinanet and Telecom Occidente, these provide Broadband Connections in 1MB, 5MB, 10MB, 20MB and 50MB variations, including limited Fibre Optic coverage. The country’s top code is .co.

It’s important to note that even though most people enjoy free use of the Internet, journalists are regularly threatened, assaulted and murdered. Additionally, minimal censorship of the internet exists to both restrict children’s access to pornography and to remove child pornography online.


Colombia has over 60 Television stations, seven low-power stations and around 12 million television receivers are commonly used. The country also has around 520 radio stations with around 85% being AM, around 10% being FM and the last 5% being Shortwave.