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Languages & Phrases

Hola Holl-ah Hello/Hi
Adios Ah-dee-oss Good Bye!
Habla usted Ingles / Espanol Hah-blah oo-stead In-gulls / Ess-span-yoll Do you speak English / Spanish?
Mi nombre es… Mee nom-breh ess My name is…
Me pueden ayudar? Meh pweh-dehn ah-yoo-dah Can you help me?
Estoy buscando… Ess-toy boos-can-doh I’m looking for…
Si / No See / Noh Yes / No
Gracias Grah-see-as Mr / Mrs / Miss
Hoy / Ahora Hoi / Ah-hoar-ah Today / Now
Hoi / Ah-hoar-ah Mah-nar-nar / Aay-err Tomorrow / Yesterday
Este / Que / Aqui / Hay Ess-tey / Kay / Ah-kee / Haay This / That / Here / There


Above are a few common Spanish phrases to help you get around.


Over 99% of the population speaks the Spanish Castilian dialect due to its majorly Spanish roots back in the 16th Century. However, it should be noted that over 65 Amerindian languages (of which around 850 thousand people are speakers), 2 Creole languages and the Romani language are also frequently spoken within the country with a grand total of over a hundred different languages being used within the country’s borders. Native languages include Chibchan, Cariban, Tupian, Arhuaco, Quechuan, Choco, Saliba, Witoto, Tucano, Guahibo, Macu, Bora, Andoque, Cofan, Kamentsa, Ticuna, Yagua, Awa-Cuaiquer, Guambiano, Paez, Tinigua and Yaruro.