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Time and time again, the top universities remain the same; Oxford and Cambridge. The two names are synonymous with academia’s elite, the best of the best, producing some of the world’s most highly intelligent intellectuals with professional qualifications at the lead of their field.


It’s this reputation that has bolstered the British Curriculum’s reputation massively and it’s often why the British way of learning is quoted to be the best in the world. But little is it known how its curriculum, much like the American Curriculum, is based off of a two-hundred year old agenda for producing factory workers for use in the industrial revolutions aftermath. Indeed, it’s this reputation that may be harming education by taking all the fun out of it.


This writer believes Mark Twain said it best when he spoke the words “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education.” And indeed, he hit the nail on the head with such force and ferocity that every schooling system employing this duo-century-old academic system should be shaken right to the core. As he points out, the issue with education is that it simply gets in the way.


One girl in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, named Ninon Nelson, has the answer. She says, “When you make yourself interested in something, that’s how you actually study.” Ninon’s positivity towards her studies has given her a much greater capacity to learn than her schoolmates due to the sheer enjoyment she partakes in whenever she can delve into a book, hear a talk or research into an activity. This has resulted in her maintaining a 4.0 grade point average, being elected into her school’s student parliament and being invited to take part in countless amounts of extra and co-curricular activities. Ninon has even been invited with four of her classmates to take part in a 10-day leadership conference in the United States.



Most prominent is Ninon’s opinion towards cramming or hard core studying, “The thing is, when you read all these stories of all these superbrains with a high IQ who study for, like, 12 hours, gets up in the morning – I find that a little bit tiring. My main agenda is, you have fun while studying.” Ninon claims that by making apt time for regular study over the course of the day, she completely avoids cramming right before exams. As she puts it “It’s no pressure, it’s no strain”.


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