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Date Posted: October 27, 2015

        “Corporal Punishment”, a word that seems so 20th century.  An idea that lives only in history books. A terrifying evil concept that doesn’t belong in classrooms. Then comes the sudden news “Student physically punished by the teacher in the UAE”.  Then comes the surprising horror associated with it.  Corporal punishment?  But… Read more »

Date Posted: October 19, 2015

  Many of us have been there. The moment we reach for our back pocket or purse and the anxiety grows. Our phone isn’t there. At times, a good Samaritan will find the phone and return it to the owner but many times the phone disappears forever and you must learn to live with the… Read more »

Date Posted: October 18, 2015

  If you hold a valid Driving License from a Western country, you can apply for a UAE driving license without undergoing a driving test. You will need to personally visit the Traffic and Licensing Department and bring all required documents:   • Original and photocopy of passport and residency permit • Original Driving License… Read more »

Date Posted: October 16, 2015

    Several questions have come forward with regards to the UAE labour law and the passport standard procedure in the UAE for foreign trained workers.  It is imperative to note that it is illegal and against UAE labour law for schools to hold any worker’s passport after the work visa has been assigned. A… Read more »

Date Posted: October 13, 2015

With the world constantly changing at a rapid pace, very often we see articles posted on the “most useful degrees” and “the most useless degrees” of our times. The Liberal Arts degree has gotten very bad press in the last few years, considered to be ambiguous and not in depth enough to serve any particular… Read more »

Date Posted: October 08, 2015

  Moving abroad is an exciting time but it may also come with many questions and challenges.  A very popular query we have here at SeekTeachers is how to dress for success as a teacher in the Middle East. Although it may seem natural to dress as you do back in your home country it… Read more »