SeekTeachers partnered with the Safeguarding Alliance

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SeekTeachers - European Student with Teacher

  SeekTeachers has partnered with The Safeguarding Alliance. The SA offers institutions the expertise in safeguarding to ensure a safe environment for children and young people. The education Trainers are experts in the field that have proven knowledge to encourage teachers to become outstanding Educators. Safeguarding is fundamental within organisation to create a safe environment… Read more »

Does distancing students affect teaching quality?

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Rear view of group of people in a computer lab.

    Social distancing in schools comes with its own perks but there are also the negatives. Distance in classrooms maintain discipline, better teaching as students won’t get distracted quickly by talking to their friends. There will be more concentration, teachers will be able to teach more easily as there will be fewer pupils in… Read more »

Teaching in Dubai – Pros & Cons

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  Dubai is the second biggest city out of the 7 Emirates and has a population of 3.331 million. Dubai is known for its exciting nightlight, luxury shopping, modern buildings, and extraordinary sightseeing. Teaching abroad has its ups and downs. But keep reading to know the pros and cons of teaching in Dubai. The benefits… Read more »