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Date Posted: December 28, 2015

  One of the most common interview questions teachers get asked is the type of assessment they use in their classroom. Because different assessment serves different purposes, this particular question should be answered in stages followed by examples. When you meet classroom for the first time, the most common type of assessment you should perform… Read more »

Date Posted: December 22, 2015

  *Contributed anonymously by one of our teachers* Having taught in Canada for the majority of my teaching career, I had a sort of culture shock when I landed as a supply in a UK school in London. You would think there is not much culture difference between Canada and the United Kingdom, however there… Read more »

Date Posted: December 09, 2015

  At some point in our lives, many of us have set personal New Year’s Resolutions. There is nothing more fresh than the thought of a “new year” and a “new you”. However, have you ever thought about setting “New Year’s Teaching Resolutions?” Many teachers are stepping away from personal resolutions and exploring the professional… Read more »