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Date Posted: February 18, 2019

  Dubai school, The Millennium School (TMS) holds different events for students of special needs and with other students to interact; join in the sports, music and alternative activities to create a fun environment to boost friendships, bonding and exchange of ideas amongst the children. This is a great way to encourage students to support… Read more »

Date Posted: February 08, 2019

  UAE public and private schools are launching robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and programming skills with help of more than 30 specialisation centres. The project by the MOE is intended to prepare students for national robotic competitions like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (AIR) evolving around the world. The MOE would increase the number of AIR… Read more »

Date Posted: February 06, 2019

  The Department of Education is using different ways to gain long term teachers in school and decrease the shortages of the teacher’s in England due to arising problems of many teachers going abroad for their career progression in teaching. The Ministry is making changes in the scheme to pay £5000 in their third and… Read more »

Date Posted: February 04, 2019

Plenty of students from different ethnic groups in Hong Kong are applying for mainland top universities to achieve high education and expand better. More bilingual students are taking the approach to study in these universities in main cities based in China to gain the high calibre of education with high accredited qualifications. Some the applications… Read more »