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Date Posted: November 30, 2015

    Teaching internationally requires courage (lots of it!) and a zest for life and adventure of course.  When people hear of someone teaching overseas, they automatically assume the person is adventurous and perhaps unattached and without many commitments. However, more and more families are choosing the move overseas to teach internationally. The choice revolves… Read more »

Date Posted: November 16, 2015

    These days everyone is excited about 21st-century learning skills and 21st-century curriculum supported activities. However, very few people question what a 21st-century educator looks like Let’s take a look: A 21st-century teacher should be connected. By connected I mean connected to the digital world and connected to students individual learning’s strategies and connected… Read more »

Date Posted: November 09, 2015

  The Buck Institute for Education describes Project Based Learning as a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge In other words, Project-based learning is a student-centered method of teaching and learning… Read more »

Date Posted: November 03, 2015

  If you are a fan of baking cookies, muffins, or cakes, you may find that some of your baking ingredients may be missing from the shelves of supermarkets in the Middle East. Then while on a holiday trip back home you decide to stock up and bring back some of these ingredients back into… Read more »

Date Posted: November 03, 2015

  It has been 1 year since we partnered with African Revival; a UK charity which focuses on providing access to quality education in sub-Saharan Africa. African Revival currently has active projects in Uganda and Zambia, and also provides funding for projects taking place in South Sudan. We are happy to announce that today we… Read more »