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Date Posted: June 29, 2018

Today, people believe that teachers are to be blamed for their children’s learning. This has caused a heat in the education world and caused many teachers to be furious and confused to when did this start to happen. Back in the days, the students will get blamed by parents for not performing well academically and… Read more »

Date Posted: June 26, 2018

  It’s hard to apply for teaching positions overseas as you are unsure if it’s reliable or not. Some teachers will apply happily assuming it’s a trustworthy school but when they move abroad, they are faced with the false reality. Certain schools will advertise incorrect information to just bring qualified teachers in any way possible… Read more »

Date Posted: June 15, 2018

Are you always busy planning for lessons or chasing students? Then this is the right place for you!               Teachers have a lot on their plate, from marking papers and producing lesson plans to scheduling field trips. There’s so much to do and so little time. To make your… Read more »

Date Posted: June 13, 2018

There are certain ways a teacher functions and that’s what makes them an effective teacher. Teachers have their own style of working with students such listening to their needs, challenging them, getting to know them and being positive. These are just some basic characteristics of a great teacher that students and parents love. Do you… Read more »

Date Posted: June 11, 2018

  Current private K-12 education segment of $6 billion is soon to increase by 2023 to $12 billion with enrolment and tuition increase as well as expatriate population to grow. The education sector is becoming a pull for investors as over the next five years it is predicted to expand majorly. With the Vision 2030,… Read more »

Date Posted: June 07, 2018

As a teacher you should be guide your students and prepare them with these vital skills that will encourage them to succeed in their careers and life. Current schools are emphasising on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as the interest for these skills are growing. The young generation needs to be capable of… Read more »

Date Posted: June 05, 2018

It is vital for teachers to have their own teaching strategies to teach at schools and be able to deliver beneficial lesson plan to make it easier for students to learn. These teaching strategies are essential for teachers to know to perform well at school as a teacher. Many teachers learn these techniques over time… Read more »