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Date Posted: October 22, 2014

Once a year, towards the end of October or the beginning of November, something amazing happens all across India, Malaysia and Singapore. A unification of Hindu and Sikh followers gather in various locations and begin to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights.   The festival dates back thousands of years, originally set as a festival… Read more »

Date Posted: May 01, 2014

Every year in the South Indian State of Kerala in the town of Thrissur, the Elephant Festival takes place. Starting in early May and dating back over 200 years, the festival begins in the Vadakkunnathan Temple and over the course of the day spreads out to ten temples across the region which are: The Thiruvambadi… Read more »

Date Posted: March 12, 2014

Throughout Asia, a variety of cultures and traditions meet and greet one another on a daily basis and this could be due to the conjoined landmass allowing travel so easily just via foot alone. This huge and incredibly diverse land is home to a variety of peoples speaking an even wider variety of languages. These… Read more »

Date Posted: March 12, 2014

Qatar is a beautiful desert region with some of the newest contemporary architecture, most unique foods & flavors and the most brilliant tropical climates of the Middle Eastern region. But what local customs and cultures should be taken into account before travelling to this wondrous land? Below we look through some of the most prominent and… Read more »

Date Posted: February 27, 2014

Teaching in India – What is it really like? In an approach to provide more real life experiences of what it’s like teaching overseas in various parts of the world, SeekTeachersâ„¢ has begun to get the real low down from actual people who have been there and done it and can share their experiences with you.We begin with… Read more »