How to track your Smartphone if lost or stolen

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Many of us have been there. The moment we reach for our back pocket or purse and the anxiety grows. Our phone isn’t there.

At times, a good Samaritan will find the phone and return it to the owner but many times the phone disappears forever and you must learn to live with the fact your fingers will never touch it again.

To avoid the disappointment, here are some tips to follow if your Smartphone goes missing.

In order to locate your phone using a virtual map or even erase the data off the device to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands, you need to set up these free services.

Depending on the phone that you have, these work:

iPhone- Install “Find my Phone”. If you lose your phone sign into iCloud and follow the steps.

Android- Download Android Device Manager from the Google Play store and sign into your Google account. If your phone goes missing log into on a PC and enter your information

Windows Phone-To initiate Windows Find my Phone go to and sign into your Windows Live ID that is linked to your phone

Blackberry- Download the official Blackberry Protect app from Blackberry World and sign up. Log into to see the Smartphone on a map and also to erase the data.

Sony- Activates my Xperia on your device. From the Home screen, tap the Applications screen icon. Find and tap Settings > Security > my Xperia. Tap Activate, then tap Accept to agree to the terms and conditions for my Xperia. With my Xperia you can locate your device with a sound alert or display its position on a map. You can also erase data and/or lock your device if you lose it.