How To Prepare for a Teacher Interview

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How To Prepare for an Interview

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  1. Course Days: Thursday and Sunday
  2. Location: UAE
  3. Course Timings: 5:00 PM
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Course Suitable For
  1. Education professionals looking to secure employment
  2. Graduates looking to enter into the education field
About this Course
  1. The course will highlight what employers are looking for and how to best prepare for an interview. It will cover the current market of educators and what educators need to do, in order to stand out and best market themselves. This will cover the psychology of the interview process as well as the pedagogy and also aptitude questions.
Course Outcomes
  1. Educators will know what the market is looking for
  2. What and how to prepare for on the day
  3. Understanding what to bring in a teachers portfolio
  4. Understanding what employers are looking for in educators
  5. How to best present yourself
  6. How to prepare strong pedagogy delivery
  7. What characteristics employers are looking for
  8. Example Interview questions including pedagogy, technical and aptitude


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It was a very informative and helpful. Ash gave us bigger of UAE’s teaching industry. There was enough guideline about the interview process and how to be successful at an interview. Every country functions differently. Ash managed to provide us with enough feedback and information to prepare us for the next step. Thank you." - B Hasan

"The training session was very informative and helpful. Ash was very professional and explained everything very well in great detail.  I was very satisfied with the outcomes and would definitely recommend to attend this webinar. It is well worth it!" - E Rees-Yaeger

"This will be really transforming for anyone who might think they are confident or not, ready or not for an interview. There are many new things to learn which will definitely empower you and make you feel confident and ready for an interview. The presentation not only equips you for an interview but goes beyond that into helping you evaluate where you are and how to get where you need to be in teaching and the job market.  The presenter was thorough and quite helpful, giving a well structured guide all the way through from one's personal professional development to information that one may need to survive way beyond an interview. The presentation is not one to miss as it empowers and prepares anyone to be successful in getting that job" - V Wright

"I really loved this training session. I loved the fact that it was based on real life situations that we might be confronted with in the future. I feel that I am much better equipped for my future interwiews and I am confident that I will certainly make a far better first impression than I did in the past. I honestly recommend this training to anyone who has any doubts or uncertainties regarding interviews and future job hunting." - S Lombard

"I have found this course extremely beneficial for my development, the course has been designed to cover various aspects on interviews which hadn't even crossed my mind(the small details matter). I must say the price paid for the course was definitely worth it, the information that is provided not only covers international jobs but also home country jobs so really is an investment into ones future. My confidence has grown significantly and I am very excited to be able to put the information provided into action." - H Taj

"The program is quite informative and rich in contents. It's not time consuming. I recommend it for anyone seeking an opportunity for international teaching" - Nijdeka John Ukpe

"I found the interview preparation training course very informative. Ash provided tips and insights that were useful and relevant. I feel more confident now going to interviews." - Rubina Zulfiqar

"I would recommend this service because it gives you insight into how recruitment works. Futhermore, it gives you insight on how you can improve and hone your interview skills and up your game" - Deborah Lang

"I recommend this training session to anyone who is looking for Teaching roles in Middle East and South-East Asia, as it provides overview of the current market situation, trends, employer expectations, Cultural awareness and how to prepare for the interviews for that specific region. Preparation and being organized is key to cracking any interview." - Moosa Errattuparambil

"This training gave a very in depth insight to the preparation in obtaining an interview and how to get through an interview. Very clear descriptions of what is required and what will make you stand out as a possible candidate for interview." - Aine Brennan

"The webinar with Ash was quite an eye opener. I feel more confident and ready for any upcoming interviews after this." - Truphena Omolo

"Very relevant information shared and most definitely worth the time and money!  Without this, I personally think that candidates will do poorly at eye-to-eye or on-line interviews, especially in a foreign country with different values, ideas and views..." - Loma Botha