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Weather, Climate & Holidays

Weather & Climate

The climate in Mexico can be broken down into sections based on the land’s elevation in relation to the sea.

Below 1,000 metres above sea level the land has an average temperature ranging between 24 and 28 degrees Centigrade (75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit) with the temperature only fluctuating by about 5 degrees Centigrade (9 degrees Fahrenheit) between the summer and winter months. Additionally the elevation is known to keep hot and humid conditions all year around. Between 1,000 and 2,000 metres above sea level the region typically averages temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees Centigrade (61 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit) and most areas tend to keep pleasantly cool conditions throughout the year. Above 2,000 metres the temperature drop further and manage a yearly average between 8 and 12 degrees Centigrade (46 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit) but it’s still normal for most areas to keep cool pleasant summers and wild winters throughout the course of the year.

Weather-wise, the conditions that determine the outcome are dependent on the area’s position in the country.

In the north-west and north-east there is rainfall equivalent to between 300 and 600 millimetres per year. Meanwhile in the south of the region rainfall typically doubles this at between 600 and 1,000 millimetres per year. Finally, around the coastal region of the Gulf of Mexico, conditions are wetter still with over 1,000 millimetres of rain every year, the wettest region being the state of Tabasco which sees over 2,000 millimetres of rain yearly. Typically the rainy season is between June and October, with the months between November and May being much drier.

It should be mentioned that Mexico is located right in the dead centre of a hurricane belt meaning the region is prone to hurricane weather from time to time; these can cause extensive damage and occasional loss of life. Hurricane Gilbert, for example, passed right over Cancun in 1988 and with winds at speeds of over 200 kilometres an hour, tore apart many of the hotels in the resort area, before passing into Monterrey and ripping apart the crops and killing dozens.


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The Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera, also in Cancun, houses a variety of beautifully furnished rooms with a clean and comfortable style. The resort features close proximity to the beach and entails several pools as well as many bars and Jacuzzi tubs.

Ever wanted that perfect tropical island getaway? Now you can have it with the Cabanas La Luna, which features a gorgeous beach by a sapphire coastline as well as some of the tastiest drinks and food around to ensure that your summer is well spent.

Another beautiful beach resort, the Playa Fiesta Beach Club has two pools right beside the beach as well as a Jacuzzi and friendly staff who’re always looking to improve your stay with a homely Bed and Breakfast feel.

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The Las Alcobas Mexico DF utilizes a unique sense of boutique style in a comfortable setting to really make its visitors feel at home. The hotel features two restaurants in a duo of exclusive types of food and the rooms come with an on-suite bathroom with bedside-fitted controls for all of the room’s electronic applications.

Pool bar? Check. Panoramic view? Check. Spa treatments? Check. Whatever you need, the Hotel Encanto in Acapulco has it. The hotel also features a variety of stylized rooms and an incredibly attentative service to ensure that your stay is pure magic.

Casa Oaxaca in Oaxaca is a unique chic boutique hotel with a stunning visual charm and exclusive sense of luxury. The hotel features many beautiful dining arrangements and is staffed by helpful individuals determined to make your stay amazing.

With a wide variety of rooms, the Luz En Yucatan in Merida has been designed for that urban retreat that you so sorely need. The getaway features a range of pools and gardens as well as hammocks for the more relaxed visitor and a soothing atmosphere all year around.

The Villa Ganz in Guadalajara has been influenced strongly by European nineteenth-century architecture and as such it features a furnishing selection mimicking that of an old Victorian setup as well as heated fireplaces and a large garden.