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Languages & Phrases

Hola Holl-ah Hello/Hi
Adios Ah-dee-oss Good Bye!
Habla usted Ingles / Espanol Hah-blah oo-stead In-gulls / Ess-span-yoll Do you speak English / Spanish?
Mi nombre es… Mee nom-breh ess My name is…
Me pueden ayudar? Meh pweh-dehn ah-yoo-dah Can you help me?
Estoy buscando… Ess-toy boos-can-doh I’m looking for…
Si / No See / Noh Yes / No
Gracias Grah-see-as Mr / Mrs / Miss
Hoy / Ahora Hoi / Ah-hoar-ah Today / Now
Hoi / Ah-hoar-ah Mah-nar-nar / Aay-err Tomorrow / Yesterday
Este / Que / Aqui / Hay Ess-tey / Kay / Ah-kee / Haay This / That / Here / There



Above are a few common Spanish phrases to help you get around.



A vast range of languages is spoken in Mexico with most of the population fluent in Spanish while some minorities still speak their native tongue. The languages spoken number around seventy indigenous and twenty international, with many of these international languages only being spoken by select isolated groups.

Indigenous language speakers make up around 6% of the population, despite around 12% of the population identifying as belonging to an indigenous group. The most common languages spoken in this regard are Nahuatl (1.3 million), Yuatec Maya (759 thousand), Mixtec (423 thousand), Zapotec (410 thousand), Tzeltal Maya (371 thousand), Tzotzil Maya (329 thousand), Otomi (239 thousand), Totonac (230 thousand) and Mazatec (206 thousand).

Other languages spoken in the country include English, Arabic, German, Italian, Venetian, Occitan, French, Basque, Catalan, Asturian, Galician, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Hebrew, Plautdietsch, Ladino, Cherokee and Armenian, among others. Although it is important to note that many of the aforementioned languages are only spoken in small pocket communities and villages or by the few roaming immigrants.