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After a full year of discussions, powerhouse academic giants EtonHouse and Singapore Chinese High School have announced they plan to open a new academy in 2016. The groups have now openly declared their joint venture and their desire to submit a formal application to the Council for Private Education (CPE), which regulates private schools in the region, in 2015, after the papers have finished being prepared.


This new school is believed to be called the Hwa Chong EtonHouse Institution and will offer a bilingual curriculum with English and Mandarin as its primary languages. Robson Lee, Board Secretary of Singapore Chinese High School, says “We are only commencing the schools in August 2016. The parties are presently working out the operational details for the joint venture such as capitalization, training programmes for our teachers, the respective curricula for each level of class at the pre-school and primary school, and the teacher-student ratio for each level of class.”



The new superschool is likely going to be a powerhouse academic institution in its own right, having the best of both worlds with input from both the EtonHouse and Singapore Chinese High School groups. Enrolment is expected to start in the beginning of 2016, taking on at least 300 students to begin between kindergarten and lower-primary levels of education. After a few years, the number is expected to grow well over 800.


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