Saudi Arabia aims to Eliminate Illiteracy

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After being handed the objective of erasing illiteracy among the elderly by fifty percent before 2015 by the Dakar Education Conference, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has successfully managed to top this goal over two years early, announcing to UNESCO that it has erased 60.61 percent of illiteracy before the end of 2013.


The nation has had prior struggles in its education sector due to illiteracy, especially among women, but today the rate of illiteracy is at an all-time low of 3.75% among men and 9.92% among women. As a result of its achievements, Saudi Arabia has been awarded the King Si Kong Award for Erasing Illiteracy, the Scientific Award for Teaching the Elderly and the Illiteracy Elimination Award from the International Organization for Education, Culture and Science.



The Kingdom’s success is due to the efforts of 164 delegates whom attended the International Forum for Adult Education in Senegal in the year 2000, this group rapidly set the goals for the country as improving the levels of existing education as well as providing education for all Saudi citizens. One of their biggest goals was erasing illiteracy by 50% before the year 2015, especially among women, which they have now accomplished several years early.


Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, also acting Education Minister, has said this achievement shows just how tenacious the Saudi people are and just how dedicated to their goals they can be, “Education comes at the top of the sectors that reflect the true image of any nation.” He said after receiving a report on the ministry’s adult education program declaring the decrease of illiteracy among Saudis above the age of 15. The three-year program includes both evening classes and awareness campaigns and all that complete the program are given an certificate equal to an elementary school certificate, as well as 1000 Saudi Riyals (about $270 or £160).


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