Best Universities of 2014

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It’s always interesting looking at league tables and in my respects, this year isn’t too different from previous years with the top ten all being United Kingdom and United States schools.


  1. California Institute of Technology – 94.9 Points
  2. Harvard University – 93.9 Points
  3. University of Oxford – 93.9 Points
  4. Stanford University – 93.8 Points
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 93.0 Points
  6. Princeton University – 92.7 Points
  7. University of Cambridge – 92.3 Points
  8. University of California, Berkeley – 89.8 Points
  9. University of Chicago – 87.8 Points
  10. Imperial College London – 87.5 Points


Although for the first time in a long time, Yale University has been knocked out of the top ten to number eleven (87.4 Points), generally speaking there hasn’t been much of a shift in the top ten elite universities.


What is interesting, however, is how prominent some of the other universities around the world stack up. And they do stack up, as although they might have a place in the twenties, point-wise they aren’t that far off the top contenders. Notable contenders include rank 14 ETH Zurick (Switzerland, 84.5), rank 23 The University of Tokyo (Japan, 76.4) and rank 26 The National University of Singapore (Singapore, 72.4).



What’s also interesting is how the scores are flipped in comparison to Primary and Secondary school scores. It’s widely held that Asian schools are the top in the world with the likes of China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan inciting the minds of young scholars and pushing them to near-breaking point, often creating individuals of immense cognitive talent. However, outside of Asia, only schools in Finland and Liechtenstein can compare and that’s due to a highly unusual (but effective) curriculum.


Upon reaching a level of Higher Education, however, the scores flip, and only the US and UK universities rank highly. Other notable universities outside of the western world include rank 36 Karolinska Institute (Sweden, 67.8), rank 37 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland, 67.7), rank 43 The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 65.3), rank 44 Seoul National University (South Korea, 65.2) and rank 45 Peking University (China, 65.0).


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[Source: Times Higher Education – World University Ranking 2013-2014]