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Education, Students & Private Schooling

There are three main levels of education in Argentina, these include Primary, Secondary and Higher Education.

Primary School students begin at the age of 6 and will complete grades one through six before graduating and moving into Secondary School.

Secondary School is broken up into two parts, Years 1 to 3 (Ciclo Basico) and Years 4 to 6 (Ciclo Orientado). The first three years tend to use the same subjects used across the school system, while the second three years may vary and include subjects such as Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Sport, Arts, Dance, Design and more. An extra year is available in some schools which grant a professional title in a specialized field such as Electricity, Construction, Mechanics, Agriculture and more.

Higher education is offered in the form of Tertiary Education level degrees lasting between 1 and 3 years, University level degrees lasting from 4 to 6 years and Post-graduate level degrees lasting 1 to 3 years. All public universities offer these three types and are completely tuition-fee free and open to anyone, but it’s important to note that transportation and material costs often have to be paid by students.