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Languages & Phrases

Hola Holl-ah Hello/Hi
Adios Ah-dee-oss Good Bye!
Habla usted Ingles / Espanol Hah-blah oo-stead In-gulls / Ess-span-yoll Do you speak English / Spanish?
Mi nombre es… Mee nom-breh ess My name is…
Me pueden ayudar? Meh pweh-dehn ah-yoo-dah Can you help me?
Estoy buscando… Ess-toy boos-can-doh I’m looking for…
Si / No See / Noh Yes / No
Gracias Grah-see-as Mr / Mrs / Miss
Hoy / Ahora Hoi / Ah-hoar-ah Today / Now
Hoi / Ah-hoar-ah Mah-nar-nar / Aay-err Tomorrow / Yesterday
Este / Que / Aqui / Hay Ess-tey / Kay / Ah-kee / Haay This / That / Here / There


Above are a few common Spanish phrases to help you get around.


Spanish is the most frequent language spoken in Argentina and is spoken by almost every Argentine but the dialect is slightly different from that spoken in Spain.

However, many other languages are spoken in Argentina including English (42.5%), Italian (4%), Arabic (2.5%), German (1.6%), Yiddish (0.8%), Guarani (0.8%), Catalan (0.7%), Quechua (0.3%), Wichi (0.2%), Aymara (0.1%), Welsh (0.1%) and interspersed French throughout the region. Many other tribal languages are also present.