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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

There are currently over 9 million land lines and 50 million mobile phones active in the country, connected via a domestic satellite system with 40 earth stations. The country makes around 1.7 billion calls a month, 1.3 billion of which are local. The main companies in the region are the Spanish-owned Telefonica, the Italian-owned Telecom Argentina and several other smaller groups.


Around 33%, or 27 million members, of the population are online on 12 million PCs and there are around 1.7 million domain names registered as well as over 6 million Internet Hosts. Once only dial-up, nowadays most users are on Broadband connections and several ISPs, such as Arnet and Flash, exist. The country’s top level domain is .ar. It should be mentioned that the courts in Argentina routinely block websites which are illegal or controversial, these are often in attempts to improve public safety (such as blocking child pornography) but also censors websites and blogs exposing corruption in the Argentinian government or judicial organizations.


There are over 1400 radio stations in Argentina, around 260 of which are AM and the remaining are FM. The stations are very western in style and may opt for focuses on news, debates and sports. Amateur radio is very popular and widespread in the country as well.

Argentina’s TV stations are numerous (over 40) but there are five major networks, each capital having at least one local station, with the highest accessibility rates of South America. There are roughly 12.5 million TV sets owned in Argentina.