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Bringing Children & Pets

Expatriate Children moving to Spain are subject to the same passport and visa regulations that their adult counterparts would be subject to.
Additionally, any children travelling to Spain with individuals who are not their parents or legal guardians are advised to obtain:

  • A letter from their parents with their contact details, who is going, how they are connected and the holiday’s details.
  • Copies of both parent’s passports with full length birth certificates.
  • Medical notes for the child.
  • Copies of any other relevant papers concerning the custody or medical details for the child.
To bring your pet to Spain you must first obtain a European Pet Passport, to do this you must request it from a vet who will confirm that the pet:
  • Is identifiable via a microchip in the neck.
  • Has been vaccinated against rabies.
  • Has had a blood test confirming the rabies vaccine is in the system.
  • Following this, the vet can issue the passport, also known as a Certificate of Health.
Non-commercial importers may bring up to five pets into Spain and must have a valid European Pet Passport for each individual pet. Animals must also be over three months old and it’s important to note that rabbits and rodents may travel without a passport but they must be declared at the border.