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Starting in Barcelona, one of the city’s best known beach clubs is Opium Mar which is known for blasting some of the top tunes from around the world all night long accompanied by a resident DJ  and slick, chic dress code that turns the average man into the top gentleman.

In Madrid, El Intruso features a smaller venue but a much more sociable atmosphere and a typically free entry, they’re well renowned for their Mojitos and theme nights, allowing from anything from a relaxed blues setting to an on-your-toes-hands-in-the-air hip hop jumping fest.

On the main streets of Palma de Mallorca, El Divino is the premiere club looking to treat all of its guests to a good night out. The club features a pool and terrace area and allows guests to purchase VIP packages as well as participate in frequent theme parties and nights. It’s also home to some of the world’s top DJs.
Granada 10 in, yep, you guessed it, Granada, plays a ton of contemporary American music as well as some of the world’s top international tunes and is known to be pretty chilled during weeknights, but on weekends the public comes out and the dance floor becomes utter chaos.

Widely known as Spain’s party province, Ibiza holds Pacha, which hosts a different theme every weekday, these include the funky Release Yourself on Mondays, the partilicious Defected on Tuesdays, pumpin’ house tunes during Subliminal on Wednesdays, UK Pop during Ministry of Sound on Thursdays, Pacha’s own mixes during Pure Pacha on Fridays, progressive rock sounds during Def Mix on Saturdays and a blast to the past during the 60’s oriented Flower Power on Sundays.

Perhaps you’d like a more relaxed evening out with a mellower venue? How about Trotter’s Family Bar on Majorca Island’s beach? The bar is widely reputed for some of the top mixed cocktails and drinks in the region and has a duty-free shop next door for more exquisite tastes.

The region of Malaga is home to Morrissey's Irish Pub in Plaza Tetual and incorporates an old-Irish pub style reminiscent of rural Britain. Ideal for new travellers and seasoned veterans looking for a nostalgic rush, the pub serves only the finest beers, ciders and drinks and will be sure to bring back those good old memories.

Madrid is also home to some of the top flamenco clubs in the whole of Spain including Cardamomo, known for its purely authentic flamenco dancers and accompanying musicians, sure to show you a dazzling display of quick-witted swift footwork combined with elegant manoeuvres and bright yet well composed colours.  

One of the very biggest nightclubs in the whole of Europe, BCM is located on Mallorca Island and houses up to five thousand people as well as some of the world’s very best international DJs and light shows. Guaranteed for an absolutely mind-blowing night out, the ambient atmosphere in the club is legendary for its energetic, no-dress-code, anything-goes attitude.

Reputed as the world’s biggest nightclub and able to hold upwards of ten thousand people, Privilege in Ibiza features some of the world’s top DJs as well as multiple rooms with varied themes, each one with a 25 metre high ceiling allowing for a variety of spectacular light shows and displays. The club is actually so big that a map is placed at the entrance to help guide entrants around.